The turntable is a spinning circular platter that primarily sustains a record while it is being played. Virtually any turntable may be connected to your computer, albeit you must first pre-amplify the signal if you wish to use a normal record player. When you utilise a turntable that is part of a stereo stack, it will come equipped with a preamplifier.

If you’re using a stand-alone turntable, though, you’ll almost certainly require a preamplifier, often known as a receiver. A Universal Serial Bus connector is available on several modern turntables, which may eliminate the need for a separate preamp and allow you to plug the turntable straight into your computer.
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However, recording from a turntable to a computer usually necessitates connecting the player’s audio output connector to any of your PC’s audio input connections. Before connecting your turntable to any computer, you’ll need a preamplifier to ensure that it has sufficient volume. This article will show you how to connect a turntable to a computer.

Turntables for Standard Use

To begin, insert the connection at the end of an RCA stereo cable into the turntable’s jack.

Then plug the connectors on the other end of the stereo cable into the preamp’s input jacks.
The RCA connectors on one end of the adapter cable must now be inserted into the output jacks of your preamp.
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The tiny stereo phone plug must then be plugged into the computer’s line-level input jack. It appears as a pale blue jack.
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Turntable with USB
A USB turntable differs from other types of turntables in that it is designed to work with computers. As a result, most USB models include with apps for recording or transferring vinyl to data files. Audacity, a free and open-source editing and recording programme, is included with the majority of the software packages. Also included are the MixMeister EZ Vinyl/Audio Converter, the pyro Audio Creator OEM version, and Cakewalk’s pyro Audio Creator LE. Because it works equally well on Mac and Windows PCs, Audacity is provided as an example below.
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To begin, download and install the USB turntable’s manufacturer-supplied software onto your computer.
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Then you must switch on your USB turntable’s power.
Then plug your turntable’s USB connector into a USB port on your computer.

Now you must launch the Audacity application. To do so, go to the Edit menu and pick Preferences from the drop-down menu.

To get a list of options for recording and playback devices, tap the Devices option.
Then select Device from the pull-down menu. It’s in the Recording sub-category.

Finally, choose “Microsoft Sound Mapper” or the USB driver supplied by the turntable manufacturer.

To close the screen, simply press the OK button.